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Resources by Category


SAMHSA Trauma resource page

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Complex Trauma Treatment Network

SIDRAN Institute

Trauma Therapist Project

College Mental Health

Harvard Health article on coping for college students

Student Stress & Anxiety Guide

Anxiety & Depression Association of America

National Eating Disorders Association

Attention Deficit Disorder Association


VeryWellMind's 7 Best Mental Health Apps

Sexual Assault Resources and Hotline

The Trevor Project


National Institute of Mental Health's Anxiety Resource & Skills page

GoodTherapy's tips and skills page

Great article in Self on anxiety skills

Men's Issues

A note: It is not so easy to capture good resources for Men's Issues. For one, a lot of well-meaning information is packaged to speak to the caricature of men. I get that the intention is to use levity and understanding to make therapy seem more palatable for men; however, I think it's misguided. Men are complex, diverse, under sometimes enormous pressures, have beautiful goals and dreams, and are much more often overwhelmed by feelings rather than knuckleheads who don't feel. For another, when we say "Men's Issues," what do we mean and who do we mean? Age, phase of life and development, gender identity, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, class, and so many other factors all contribute to Men's Issues. Below are a few useful starting points and introductions to therapy for men.


Heads Up Guys

GoodTherapy's men's therapy page

Kirkland Vaughans and All Minds Matter

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault

Great article on the school-to-prison pipeline and Black boys


Therapy for Black Men

Atlantic article on new APA guidelines for therapy with males

Gottman Institute on Relationships

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