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How Can I Get the Most Out of Therapy?

Great question! This is something a lot of people are curious about, especially anyone who is new to therapy. Everyone has their own unique goal, and ideally every therapy is designed to match each client's unique needs. Above all, go with your own gut and your own pace, and try to flow with that.

However, there are some common, fundamental factors to therapy success. These are important. Yes, you can increase your satisfaction with and success in therapy. I've listed some of these fundamental concepts below. If you have any questions or follow-up thoughts, feel free to reach out to my email and we can talk further:

First, try your best to be open and honest in sessions, and to not censor yourself. This was Freud's famous "fundamental rule" of therapy.

Second, try to name and talk about any anxieties or discomfort you experience in sessions.

Third, don't make therapy just an hour-a-week experience: journal; read about what you're working on; notice and be mindfully curious about what you think feel, and do during your day; and be brave enough to experience new ways of being and doing your life.

Fourth, consider making full use of the very unique client/therapist relationship: it is meant to be both a fulfilling relationship and a platform to experience and talk about how you relate, and what struggles you're experiencing while trying to relate to another person.

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